What We Do

What We Can Do Together 

“Nexgram brings together the physical
and digital worlds, re-inventing the
next industrial era to pursue
sustainable humanity. Anything that improves
our life and makes a positive returns,
while sustained humanity growth,
we are here to listen.”

Our Products & Services 

We believe in sustainable business which creates happiness for a society without disparity, which is the origin and purpose of life. Happiness through the pursue of perfection means faster speed, higher quality, at lower cost. This means continuous improvement through investment, research & development, diversification and optimization, which is an ongoing process and part of The Group core culture. In order to achieve continuous growth, we invest in entrepreneurs through seed capital investments, merger and acquisition.


This means we need talents and team players to create a sustainable business network to build happiness. Let’s make things work the way it should be.

“Our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customer, internal and external, and it is our primary responsibility to make that happen. We win together or we lose together; winning is more fun than losing.”

What we do for businesses

We provide a wide range of products and services in different business segments. Today The Group involves in businesses such as telecommunication, information technology, property development, industries, and corporate advisory services.

Thinking of growing your business unconventional way? You can join us to form a team. Together we build stronger, larger and faster business alliances.  Nexgram Emerging Capital provides investments, partnership and financing so businesses can build and grow their operations and consumers can build their financial futures.

Find out some of our business listings below:

Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)

“We build the foundation of information technology infrastructures across telecommunication, media and services.”


Netnovation Sdn Bhd is the new generation of Nexgram core business evolved since 1999. The company offers research, development, and commercialization of the solution for mobile social play (MSP) platform. The platform is connected to International messaging termination services through 500 mobile networks worldwide.

The company has since diversified into system integration, networking, data hosting and back up facilities as a service, as well as mobile apps and cloud computing consultancy services, especially in the concept of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet. IaaS is one of three main categories of cloud computing services, alongside Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Sensorlink Group

Sensorlink Group consist of Sensorlink Holdings Sdn Bhd, subsidiaries and associate companies.

Sensorlink aspires to be leading total integrated security solution provider while offering a comprehensive latest cutting-edge technology from the industry.

Strong growth since 1997, Sensorlink enable to offer highly secure, enterprise-class surveillance system regarded by many as a good solution address the security needs.

Under the stewardship of dedicated leaders, Sensorlink has made strategic acquisitions, gained reputed partners, instilled a customer-oriented culture and invested in technical competency. This has resulted in steady growth in a challenging industry that demands exceptional quality security solutions.

Property, Construction & Infrastructures

“The best way to predict the future is to design it. We are here to build the future.”

Nexgram Development

Nexgram Development Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of Nexgram Holdings Berhad, involved in property development and construction. Part of the group restructuring spin-off started since 3rd quarter 2016, Nexgram Development Sdn Bhd has envisioned innovation in property development, in line with the vision statement of its parent company, which aims to enrich people’s lifestyle by redefining the standards of modern day living. Nexgram Development Sdn. Bhd. has collaborated with the government of Malaysia in the construction of projects which aimed to provide affordable homes to first time home buyers under the government initiative and is currently embarking on various other projects across Klang Valley.

Intra Binaraya

Intra Binaraya Sdn Bhd (IBSB) is the engineering & construction​ company of the Group. The company aim to develop ground-breaking engineering and world-class infrastructure services to customers. IBSB expertise includes civil engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering consulting and construction project management.


Transeaways Shipping Sdn Bhd was established in 1998 to provide total logistics solutions to all importers and exporters in Kuantan and East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It started with 2 aggressive and ambitious master degree graduate young man who wishes to develop a more competitive and value-added shipping service to all the importers and exporters in Kuantan, today Transeaways serve customers across the country. The company also focus on shipping and logistic tracking having own systems and infrastructure using GPS and RFID technologies among others.

Industries & Services 

“We create intelligent solutions across all industries to help you manage your business productivity, efficiency, and ultimately increase your bottom line.”

The Group had laid out different segments of the complementary businesses as a target of potential merger and acquisition, which fits the group Master Plan as part of the diversification initiative. Industries which includes manufacturing, packaging, automation, logistics and renewable energies supporting services, would be some of the areas to be explored.

Nexgram Industries

Nexgram Industries Sdn Bhd is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up in recent years to incubate and facilitate the growth of this segment.

The group had recent years explored the industrial cable solution for the TMT market, as well as the master distributor for Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging solution in the South East Asian markets. The group medical business aims to grow into a Fully Integrated Global Pharmaceutical Company (Global FIPCO), equipped with an entire value chain ranging from development and manufacturing to commercialization via our own sales and marketing organization.

NEG Auto Group

NEG Auto Group Sdn Bhd (NEG) is the investment holding company which invest and enrol in technology and business in car industry transition from fossil to energy saving alternatives in automobile industry. The company is engaged to advance manufacturing, assembly, and distribution services particularly in electric vehicle (EV). 

Nexgram Zhida New Energy Development Sdn Bhd was setup to work with Shanghai-based Zhida Group for distributorship and joint venture in electric vehicle (EV) charging products and services in South East Asia.

Nexgram Biomedic

Nexgram Biomedic Sdn Bhd (NMed) is a global bio pharmaceutical company that develops new medical devices, drugs, vaccines, and technologies in support of innovations in the medical field. NMed subsidiaries commenced research and development of new medical devices back in year 1993 as part of our search for the next-generation growth engine of Nexgram Group. The company’s hospital medical devices including face and body shield, surgical intubation and public protection devices, as well as disposable medical gloves and personal protection equipment are sold worldwide.

Investments & Incubation

“We are building the world by providing capital, expertise and infrastructure for a better future.”

Through our investment holding division, the origin of information technology venture, or TMT investment arm of The Group, which inspired and successfully nurtured many startups in the past and helped The Group survived many business and technology downturns, will still be the driver of growth in the future.

Nexgram Emerging Capital

Never-the-less, the Group also through Nexgram Emerging Capital invest in upcoming businesses beyond the Group current business segments. Some of the segments including sustainable energy, food, water, and advanced industries projects especially in social economy which covers electronic finance, distribution, logistic, manufacturing & processes.

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