Regional Business Development Director, Distributor – PMMA & PC Anti Microbial Coating (Anti-Virus Acrylic / Medical Grade)


Anti Microbial Coating Specialist

Everyday we are surrounded by microorganisms including bacteria, practically on every humans or animals touch. Any household kitchen counters, bathroom fixtures, wall & floors can potentially be harboring bacteria like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause severe illness once in contact with the human body.


Researchers’ conclude that disinfectants can quickly reduce bacteria counts to safe levels, but the bacteria rebound quickly. As a result it must be re-disinfected every 120 minutes to maintain continuous safe protection, which is very uneconomical.



APLAS Anti Microbial Coating is a material containing an integrated active ingredient which makes it effective against microbial growth. It is customised chemistries to incorporated into plastic products in PMMA & PC to provide ongoing protection for the expected lifetime of the product and also technologies formulated to enhance the clarity and scratch resistance.


Business Opportunities


The company is looking for Regional Business Development Director, Distributor for APLAS Anti Microbial Coating material for government, medical, commercial, educational, public transport, industrial, automotive, and construction use.

Join us and be part of our 20 years of Acrylic products research and development excellence. Candidate is responsible to procure new orders from existing and new customers in relevant industries to use Anti-microbial / Anti-virus material for consumer and commercial use.

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The company existing International customers are coming from Europe, Japan, South Korea and North America.



Your application as business development director or distributor will be reviewed by our parent company. Due to a high volume of applications, we appreciate your patience to allow for a fair and timely review process. Should you be shortlisted for the role, we will send you an invitation via email or mobile (Call or WhatsApp) for a digital interview.

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