Nexgram Vaccine Efficacy Antibody Testing Kit approved by MDA, inked RM21mil group order from R Clinic [13 Aug 2021] Press Release

Taken your Covid-19 Vaccine?

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  • Evaluate SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine efficacy
  • 2 weeks after your second dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

* The COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy test should be conducted at least 2 weeks after your second dose of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Test details: 

  • Samples required: Blood sample (Vaccine Efficacy test)
  • Results will be ready in 20 minutes, report in 3 working days (Group Purchase)

13 Aug 2021, Kuala Lumpur

Nexgram Holdings Bhd (Nexgram Group) wholly owned subsidiary Associate Partners Laboratories Sdn Bhd inked Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy Antibody Test kits order from R Clinic.

The standing order procured through Tracvirus Clinic System is expected to service the government and private customers of Nexgram and R Clinic, as part of both companies corporate social responsibility program. 

Besides supplying to government and corporate customers, Nexgram currently allow group purchase for Covid-19 Antigen Nasal and Saliva Test kits, as well as Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy Antibody Test Kits with doctors assigned at Nexgram web portal

Priority is given to medical service providers servicing frontliners, essential industries, schools and construction sectors.

The SARS-CoV-2 Neutralising Test (a.k.a Surrogate Virus Neutralization Antibody Detection) can evaluate the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy. This is a highly specific test that detects antibodies, which block the interaction between Spike-RBD domain of the virus and the ACE2 receptor on the human cell. Blocking that interaction can prevent the virus from entering and infecting the cells.

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 initiates an immune response, which includes the production of antibodies, or binding antibodies, in the blood. Not all binding antibodies can block cellular infiltration and replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The subpopulation of the binding antibodies that can block cellular infiltration and replication of the virus are named neutralizing antibodies. While individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop binding antibodies to the virus, not all of them develop neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2.

About Nexgram Biomedic Sdn Bhd

NEXGRAM BIOMEDIC GROUP is a global bio technology company dedicated to develop new medical devices, drugs, and technologies in support of innovations in the Healthcare field. The group subsidiaries include Medical Brands and Tri-G Technologies specialising in medical devices; VaccinesLab which conduct clinical trial and vaccine distribution; data science company MDS which develops Covid-19 screening test and vaccine record tracking App using electronic health certificates (E-Certs) powered by Tracvirus Open Platform; NMed Industries which trade, distribute and invest in medical device and personal protection equipment manufacturing; Arita Group, the specialist in Acrylic medical devices material and vaccine bottling manufacturer; as well as Glove Alliance specialising in medical and disposable nitrile gloves end-to-end supply chain. 

Associate Partners Laboratories Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Nexgram Biomedic Sdn Bhd, the medical and biotechnology investment holding company of Nexgram Group. The company operates technology platform for medical device and supplies group purchase under just-in-time supply chain management system for medical groups, hospitals, GPs and healthcare companies. The company pandemic product distributorship includes Nasal Antigen Swab Test Kit, Saliva and Breath Antigen Test Kit, Vaccine Efficacy Antibody Test Kit and PCR solutions. The company held sole distributorships including patented 1 hour RT PCR swab Test solution for mobile laboratories and airports in Asian markets.

Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd (TRIG) is the service provider for government system TracAPM digital system, SafeTravelPass Malaysia, TracAPM Quarantine Hotel and Transport System, and Tracvirus Lab and Clinic System. The company is also the government TracAPM Covid-19 quarantine process management system provider under the brand of SafeTravelPass Malaysia for all quarantine entry-registration by all travellers coming into Malaysia. The TracAPM system is developed for the government of Malaysia, licensed and maintained by Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd, the sister company of Nexgram Biomedic Sdn Bhd, both subsidiaries of Nexgram Holdings Berhad (“company”). TRIG is also MDA and medical device licenses company approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health.