Digital health passport SafeTravelPass begins International testing to help travel and trade resume [ 18 Nov 2020] Press Release

18 November 2020, Indonesia – SafeTravelPass allows travelers to record their COVID-19 status electronically and present it when they board a plane or cross a border.

The digital health pass for travelers, SafeTravelPass, was launched in May 2020, and commenced in Malaysia and Indonesia in July 2020, will begin testing internationally today, Medic Data Science and PT NDS Global Teknologi announced.

SafeTravelPass project is funded by Humanity Foundation, a part of Nexgram Foundation social responsibility program.

The purpose of SafeTravelPass is to allow travelers to record their COVID-19 status electronically and present it when they board a plane or cross a border, giving both the traveler and the country assurance that safe traveling is taking place.

SafeTravelPass was developed by Medic Data Science on Tracvirus Open Platform, a medical record system for the use by legitimate and accredited laboratories, clinics and government agencies worldwide.

To use it, travelers take a COVID-19 test at a verified lab and share their results with SafeTravelPass. From there, they complete any additional screening measures set up by the destination country.

Once their health information has been confirmed to be in compliance with the country’s entry requirements, SafeTravelPass generates a QR code that can be viewed on mobile phones or printed. Airline staff, border officials and any other health personnel can then scan the code to ensure all safety measures were taken.

The Tracvirus platform which host SafeTravelPass is easy and free to use and integrate. It allows governments to update their entry requirements as the pandemic progresses. It also promotes user privacy by complying with privacy policies like the general data protection regulation (GDPR) in European Union, The Data Protection Act 2018 is the UK, The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) in Malaysia, and up coming Personal Data Protection Law in China and Indonesia. There is no single principal data protection legislation in the United States. Rather, a jumble of hundreds of laws enacted on both the federal and state levels serve to protect the personal data of U.S. residents. At the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission Act.

Personal Data Protection in general shall covers data collection, data processing, data security, data breach and the right for individuals to have their personal data erased.

Two countries have successfully completed 3 phases of trials from May, July and September 2020 that are underway partner with Tri-G Technologies in Malaysia and PT NDS Global Teknologi in Indonesia. The representatives attempt to mimic the full traveler experience of taking a COVID-19 test in the clinic prior to departure, automatically uploading the results by the laboratory, digital reports and E-Certificates sent to their mobile phones, and following entry requirements at their departure and destination airports, without ease.

Following these trials, SafeTravelPass will expand to airlines and routes across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Through its framework, SafeTravelPass is working to get travel and trade back to pre-pandemic levels by supplying a secure and verifiable way to document travelers’ health status as they cross borders.

Over the course of the pandemic, more platforms with similar functions may be up to help get travel back to normal.

SafeTravelPass is officially accepted to collect payment for government agencies for inbound travellers Covid-19 Screening Test, Quarantine, and Vaccine tracing in Malaysia. Visit . Other Authorised Franchisees: SafeTravelPass official, Malaysia Travel Pass .