SafeTravelPass (E-Cert) Malaysia is free for inbound travellers. Malaysian Tourism Council partners Tracvirus to collect payment on behalf of MOH for inbound travellers covid-19 Screening Test & Quarantine, issue E-Cert for safe travel. [27 July 2020] Press Release

27 July 2020, Kuala Lumpur – Tracvirus E-Cert provides tourism industry Covid-19 PCR swab test & vaccine tracking application with a sense of safety and confidence. Tracvirus is distributed by Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd (TRI-G), a subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia listed Nexgram Holdings Berhad. Together with Malaysian Tourism Council, Tri-G launched the Covid-19 screening campaign to service 3.5 million tourism workers on 23 July 2020.

Inbound travellers to Malaysia can visit to pay for Ministry of Health (MOH) Covid-19 screening and quarantine, where QR Code mobile application and SafeTravelPass E-Certificate are complimentary.

SafeTravelPass is ready for Covid-19 vaccination tracking, and the Tracvirus application and E-Cert is accessible real-time, worldwide.

TRI-G is a company registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA), supplying medical equipment to government and private hospitals, as well as authorized distributor for Covid-19 PCR test such as Fosun, and RTK antibody test kits approved by Ministry of Health (MOH), including International brands such as Healgen and Liangrun.

Tracvirus Open Platform was launched in Malaysia and Indonesia in July 2020, followed by the launch of SafeTravelPass, an Electronic Certificate (E-Cert) for inbound travellers, packaged together with MTC to get Malaysia tourism ready for post pandemic inbound travellers. Tracvirus has listed MOH approved quarantine hotels and centers as the one-stop solution provider to MTC members.

The system was the first in the world to provide worldwide single Electronic Covid-19 screening test results and vaccination record tracking, which connects to ministry of health (MOH) accredited laboratories, screening hospitals and clinics. Tracvirus application and SafeTravelPass (E-Cert) to be integrated and used within national Covid-19 applications, such as Mysejahtera in Malaysia, is complimentary. National mobile applications can easily integrate Tracvirus E-Cert using International user privacy and third party data protected API under simple interface aggregation system for all MOH accredited laboratories (labs), hospitals and clinics, and has no interference with labs direct report to MOH system. In Malaysia, Covid-19 screening results are reported by MOH accredited labs to MKAK’s SIMKA database.

Laboratories (lab) who uses Tracvirus Lab System QR Code would significantly improve efficiency and minimise risk due to waste of time, negligence, contamination, and human error due to manual sample sorting, extraction, processing, analysis, and reporting within the lab SOP. The same QR Code tracks from the source of sample taking, delivery, laboratories test process, and result reporting, digitally sent right into each patient mobile phone by the labs using Tracvirus software as a service (SAAS) module. Tracvirus Lab System has been use by labs for Covid-19 screening with an aggregated PCR swab test capacity to process over 5,000 test a day, and the platform capacity is scalable to process over 15,000 test a day.

Tracvirus Lab System advisors and SOP came from both Korea and China, including experienced front lines involved in the unprecedented campaign to screen virtually all 11 million people in Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic began. China did 6.5 million tested within just 14 days (The New York Times June 3, 2020).

About Nexgram Holdings Bhd

NEXGRAM HOLDINGS BERHAD is listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Exchange and its headquarter is in Malaysia. The group is a diversified investment company having businesses in IT, security and surveillance, logistics, medical, property and other industries.

About Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd

TRI-G is a MDA licensed medical supplies distributor with GDPMD certificate in Malaysia. The company is in collaboration with a network of medical providers nationwide. TRI-G is the official Malaysia exclusive licensed distributor for Tracvirus E-Certificate (E-Cert or E-Health Pass or SafeTravelPass) build for ministry of health (MOH), lab, clinics, hospital and government agencies for COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements, as well as screening test and vaccine validity and authentication tracking of inbound and outbound travellers worldwide. The Tracvirus online platform and mobile phone application provides the screening of workers in the country, and can be access through TRI-G is a subsidiary of Nexgram Biomedic Sdn Bhd, both are subsidiaries of Nexgram Holdings Berhad.