Press Release: Nexgram CEO Dato Larry Tey retires to pursue other career opportunities [ 14 Jan 16]

Kuala Lumpur 14 Jan 2016:  Nexgram Holdings Bhd has announced the resignation of its chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Larry Tey Por Yee effective Jan 14.

One of the largest mobility solution provider in the world, the diversified company, which was listed in year 2005, told Bursa Malaysia that Dato Larry, 40, had stepped down “to pursue other career opportunities”.

It added that the board of directors had been preparing for succession by bringing in professional team members since 1 year ago, and would “immediately look into succession planning of the CEO’s position”.

According to Wikipedia, Dato Larry is seasoned entrepreneur, which brought the company from start up to IPO at the age of 28 back in year 2005. Larry is also an investor with most dealings in overseas, to name China, Singapore and Indonesia among a few major countries.

He holds 440,093,699 ordinary shares of 5 sen each in Nexgram.

Meanwhile, during Dato Larry’s return to Malaysia corporate scene, the small company has turned around and diversified to include property development, security surveiliance, and other growth businesses. The company had went through a series of on-going restructuring and pose to prepare for new growth.

“The CEO did his job and took good care of all stakeholders despite many external challengers. It’s time he continues with his interest in International business dealings. The group shall bring the platform to new height”, commented Tuan Haji Mazru, the company spoke person and Executive Director.

According to Wikipedia, Tey Por Yee founded Nexgram Group in 1999. Under his leadership, the company developed businesses that include telecommunication, property development, information technology, infrastructure and manufacturing services. The company also owns and operates one of the largest surveillance and security company in Malaysia known as Sensorlink.

Nexgram Holdings Berhad (“Nexgram Group”) is a public listed multinational investment company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As of to date, the group operates through the following segments: Telecommunication, Security & Surveillance, Software Development, Property Development, Industries, Business Advisories and Investment activities.